Greenbrier Road Auto Tour

The Greenbrier area is less visited than many areas in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but once people have visited, they return each time they visit the Smokies. It’s most known for the Ramsey Cascades waterfall area, but there are many other reasons to visit the Greenbrier area.

About the Greenbrier Road Auto Tour

If you really like the forestry and trees of the mountains, you can find a variety of large hemlock trees and maple trees along this Smoky Mountain driving tour.┬áThe trail is about 6 miles long, so it generally doesn’t take too long to drive, but you’ll want to plan for plenty of time to enjoy the area.┬áHere’s a couple of places that are popular along this tour:

John Messer Barn

The John Messer Barn is one of the most popular structures in the Greenbrier area because it is the only remaining structure (that was built before the creation of the national park) in the Greenbrier Cove. This barn is a cantilever barn which were not popular in many places outside of Sevier County. Fortunately, the structure still stands today. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Tyson McCarter Place

The Tyson McCarter Place features a barn, a smokehouse and springhouse. This was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and is located along the Old Settlers Trail. The Old Settlers Trail is popular for anyone who wants to experience the forestry and history of the Greenbrier area.

Directions to Greenbrier Road Driving Tour

Getting to Greenbrier Road is easy! From Gatlinburg, you’ll travel to light #3. At light #3, you will head east on Highway 321. You’ll follow this road for about 7 miles and you’ll take a right onto Greenbrier Road to begin the Smoky Mountain driving tour.